eBoons, Your Buying Power Booster

eBoons has a large community of online shoppers. We are recognized by our expertise in setting up acquisition and customer loyalty marketing operations via couponing. Our professional, young and very proactive team provides our clients and our employees with their know-how.

eBoons is a trademark of EBOONS CORPORATION. Faced up to the current crisis context, we are working both in the search for the improvement of consumers’ purchasing power and the increase in traffic or turnover for merchants. Thus, we put our expertise on the promotional lever couponing, as a professional website of coupons, as a win-win solution.

Why make a couponing operation?


  • Immediate volume gain
  • No change in the bottom price of the radius
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the product
  • Simplicity and rapidity of use


  • Traffic creation
  • Accelerated product rotation
  • Undisturbed stock management
  • Simplicity of management


  • Saves money
  • Immediate tangible benefit
  • Simplification of use
  • Finding new products