Our actions guarantee a quick and easy conversion of your campaigns, due to a transparent partnership and a facilitated communication with our teams.


eBoons, strategic partner of traders


Our interface allows the access to several interlocutors according to the object of the messages. We have hundreds of partners who already benefit from our strong brand and loyal user base.

In addition to all this, eBoons as a couponing professional, gives advice and explanations about coupons and advantages that merchants can benefit :

  • Why make couponing ?
    • Couponing : what is it ? / purchase trigger
  • How to make couponing ?
    • Design (with Magento, Prestashop …)
    • How to determine the face value : reduction in percentage or in monetary terms
    • How to calculate the ROI on a couponing / budget campaign and couponing cost …
  • Detailed pedagogy of couponing : how to use a discount coupon (as this can be considered sometimes a brake for users to use a coupon).


Our marketing expertise for advertisers


We benefit the merchants and professionals of e-commerce our expertise by :

  • The development of an event calendar (Winter sales or summer sales, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer holidays, Ski, Christmas …) hard-hitting to optimize the management of your promotions
  • Optimizing the partnership advices provided by our marketing specialists
  • Intensive practice of exclusive and exclusive Featured Packages (MEAs) on our site, through deals, special operations, flash sales, various promotions and exclusive codes that you provide us, and intended solely for our community and our privileged visitors :
    • Editorial MEA : editorial content oriented event / offer.
    • MEA Graphic : dressing on the Home Page, thematic clothing, merchant in the front page, in the event tabs.
    • Link exchange or netlinking


Merchant space redesigned to generate quality traffic


The merchant space has been totally revisited. This space has been created so that the visitor can have an overview of the advertiser’s commercial Website without leaving eBoons. E-merchants are grouped under different categories :

  • Top Merchant for the top rated merchants according to many criteria
  • VIP Merchant for those who have privileged partnerships with eBoons
  • Pro space for Websites targeting the B2B market or eBoons partner
  • Merchant files well focused to meet the demands of Internet users including services provided or offered by merchants and its potential promotional offers (destocking, private sale, flash sales, coupons, contests …).